Learn All About Youth Wings

The Youth Wings program targets homeless, abandoned, or aged-out youth, providing vital support to those navigating the challenges of transitioning into independence. Participants in the program are diverse in backgrounds, ages, and experiences, reflecting the wide spectrum of young individuals facing these hardships.

The program employs a holistic approach, addressing immediate needs such as housing, food, transportation, education, and employment. This is achieved through a combination of direct assistance, state and county agencies, partnerships with educational institutions and employers, and a network of mentors and counselors. Individualized plans are crafted for each participant, ensuring tailored support that meets their unique circumstances.

Youth Wings operates in Southern Nevada and works with a high incidence of homelessness and youth in transition. The program establishes physical resources for immediate assistance, collaborates with educational institutions for learning opportunities, and engages with local employers for job placement initiatives. Additionally, virtual platforms are utilized for remote support to ensure accessibility.

The program runs throughout the year, providing continuous support to participants. Timely interventions are crucial, addressing immediate needs promptly, while long-term support is sustained to guide youth toward lasting independence. Mentorship, counseling sessions, and educational programs are scheduled regularly to ensure ongoing engagement.

The core mission of Youth Wings is to break the cycle of homelessness and empower youth to become self-reliant, contributing members of society. By addressing immediate needs and providing a comprehensive support system, the program aims to equip participants with the tools and resources needed to secure stable housing, pursue education, gain employment, and ultimately achieve sustained success. The ultimate goal is to create a positive impact on the lives of these young individuals, fostering a sense of hope for a brighter future.

Key Program Activities:

1. Immediate Assistance: Provision of emergency housing, food, and transportation for those in crisis.

2. Education Support: Facilitating enrollment in educational programs, providing tutoring, and offering resources for skill development.

3. Employment Placement: Collaborating with local businesses to secure job opportunities and offering vocational training programs.

4. Mentorship and Counseling: Assigning mentors and counselors to guide and support participants in their journey towards independence.

5. Life Skills Workshops: Conducting workshops on financial literacy, communication skills, and other essential life skills.

Outputs and Outcomes:

1. Outputs: Tangible results include increased enrollment in educational programs, job placements, and improved access to stable housing.

2. Outcomes: Measurable impacts are seen in the form of improved self-sufficiency, decreased homelessness rates, and enhanced overall well-being among program participants. The success of the program is also reflected in the sustained independence and success of youth who have transitioned through the program.