AWLK Programs

Through these initiatives, A Whole Lotta Kindness strives to be a beacon of hope and support for the youth and young adults we serve, fostering a community where kindness paves the way for a brighter future for all.

Education and Continuing Education

Many of our resilient youth in foster care and young adults face the daunting challenge of being 2-3 school grades behind their peers, even after graduation. At A Whole Lotta Kindness, we're not just bridging the educational gap; we're igniting a flame of possibilities. Your support ensures that our youth have access to a brighter future and a better life, breaking down barriers to success one lesson at a time.

Housing Assistance

Imagine being a young adult, ready to conquer the world, but housing instability holds you back. A Whole Lotta Kindness provides more than just rental and utility assistance; we provide the foundation for dreams to flourish. By contributing, you become a cornerstone in building stable homes, turning aspirations into realities for youth in foster care and beyond.

Music & Art

In the symphony of life, many of our youth in foster care have faced relentless storms. Through Music and Arts at A Whole Lotta Kindness, we transform pain into poetry and silence into song. Your generosity doesn't just fund instruments and canvases; it fuels the journey of self-discovery, building confidence, and unlocking the potential for a harmonious, healed future.

Medical & Mental Health

Medicaid is supposed to be a safety net for healthcare, but for many youth in foster care, it's a safety net with holes. A Whole Lotta Kindness steps in where bureaucracy falls short. Your support goes beyond what the state provides, offering the gift of health and well-being to youth who have fallen through the cracks, ensuring no one is left behind in their pursuit of a healthy future.


Picture a young adult's first driving lesson or a ride-sharing trip to a job interview. Your donation to A Whole Lotta Kindness isn't just about cars; it's about fueling independence and opportunity. By providing driving lessons and Uber/Lyft gift cards, you're giving our youth the means to navigate towards a future full of possibilities, one ride at a time.