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Our mission is to empower those who face challenges including struggling veterans, youth who have aged out or are aging out of foster care, and homeless and abandoned teens by providing them with support and resources to overcome the obstacles they face. We are dedicated to helping them secure stable housing, education, transportation, job placement, and financial support, ultimately helping them achieve independence and success through access to a stable home, consistent meals, reliable transportation, and a secure job.

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Give your time to A Whole Lotta Kindness and change the lives of those who need it the most by becoming a Volunteer. We host events, have a Grab & Go store and we are in need of volunteers everyday.

Our Veterans

Not all veterans leave military service able to face civilian life. Donate to A Whole Lotta Kindness to help us advocate for them as we assist them through their civilian life journey.

Our Youth

Too many young people just starting out in life struggle for basic needs. Your donation helps navigate homeless teens, aging out or aged out of foster care youth to secure their education, housing, jobs, transportation, food, and more.

The Need Is Abundant

Many circumstances, mostly to no fault of their own, find our youth, young adults, and veterans struggling for food, shelter, a job, transportation and even the basic education. Most of the time these issues can be resolved through kindness and caring. A simple internet search will reveal stunning statistics of how communities are struggling with homelessness, food deprivation, the failure of the education system, unemployment and more. It’s harder to digest that while the numbers are growing, the ages of those affected are younger and younger.  Even some of  veterans are struggling to navigate their options when they enter the civilian world.  Often times they give up and find themselves with some of these same challenges. A Whole Lotta Kindness goes a long way as we help navigate through these challenges with these young adults and veterans. Through our efforts, we have found that most just need the basics. Once housing is secured, utilities need to be turned on, then home essentials are needed, then groceries are needed.  Job hunting requires a good resume and interview clothing. Securing a job is a success and then it’s met with the challenge of getting to and from work. So we step with A Whole Lotta Kindness with a path to success.

Needs Breakdown

How We Help


As strong proponents of “knowledge is power,” A Whole Lotta Kindness continues to help everyone who has the desire to get an education get one. Most of our young adults don’t even have a high school diploma and therefore need help registering for classes, more often then not they need tutoring, and are deterred due to their lack of having the needed supplies like a laptop computer. We fill all the gaps that discourage anyone from going to school. We not only assist in getting in school, we closely navigate the journey through graduation. We help with applications, admissions, registration, class scheduling, and anything else that may come up while attending school. We assist in obtaining a high school diploma, GED Certificate, college degrees, certificates, specialty schools, and more.


More often than not our youth don’t even have a resume. Veterans may also not have a resume. We assist with resume writing, job hunting, interviewing, dressing for the interview, cover letter writing, navigating job websites such as indeed.com, as well as personal introductions.


Once a home is secured, a huge struggle is transportation. Bus passes are given out, however, rainy days, early sunsets, and changing work hours bring additional transportation challenges for our youth. We offer Uber/Lyft gift cards, provide bicycles, electric scooters, and skateboards. Additionally, we provide grants for driving lessons. If we are able, we will secure a car one can prove the ability to register it and maintain it. We offer driving lessons, as well as all of our services to our veterans as well.

Food and Groceries

While transportation is definitely a huge challenge, getting groceries is right up there too. Walking long distances causes our youth and veterans to be unable to carry a lot of groceries home. Therefore, we try to provide grocery store gift cards for home delivery, Amazon gift cards, etc. Additionally, we often help navigate the location and hours of food pantries, events that offer free farmers market and more.

The Fight Continues...

While we focus on housing, education, food, transportation, and employment, A Whole Lotta Kindness has an attitude of “whatever it takes for success.” We have been known to help with emotional service animals, open bank accounts, navigate airline flights, medical appointments, and more. Sometimes people just need a little help and a Whole Lotta Kindness.
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We work closely with youth to understand their needs and provide tailored support that helps them achieve their dreams.

Our Vision

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Our vision is a community where everyone is given the opportunity to reach their full potential and thrive as independent, successful adults, free from the barriers that come with being a homeless, food deprived, jobless, a surviving military dependent, or a veteran.

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